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About Mainland

Non Negotiables

Vision Statement

Mainland High School is home of the mighty Buccaneers!! Our high school is a place that has been accredited as an institution of excellence for over 100 years; a place that embraces tradition, exudes pride, and inspires those who pass through her doors to explore, experience, and ultimately become empowered to excellence. Mainland High School operates under the auspices of the district's vision which is through the individual commitment of all, our students will graduate with the knowledge, skills, and values necessary to be successful contributors to our democratic society.

Mission Statement

Mainland High School will reach and teach every student. Our mission is to develop young adults who are able to contribute to their communities and society by instilling in them the values of integrity, responsibility, and a life-long love of learning.

Our belief statements are as follows:

-We believe in the worth of all students and believe that their worth will be increased by providing tools to be life-long learners.

-We believe that diversity is a strength and should be celebrated, both in the content of our curriculum and the make-up of our student body.

-We believe that a safe, positive, and supportive atmosphere is invaluable.

-We believe that instruction should meet the needs of all students, regardless of the level of learning or the way in which they learn.

-We believe that technology positively impacts student achievement as it changes the teaching and learning environment.