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Journalism students work as staff writers to produce a monthly and annual publications such as newsletters and Yearbooks.  Students heighten their awareness of their community to determine what is newsworthy; generate story ideas; do research online, at the library, and through personal interviews; write first drafts; interpret copyediting symbols as they correct, expand and improve their first drafts; submit second drafts and third drafts electronically; accept rejection when some of their stories are not chosen for publication; and accept praise and/or criticism when the newspaper is published and their work is evaluated by their peers.  The students develop critical thinking skills and knowledge of ethical precepts when shaping stories with controversial content.  In addition to producing the publications, students complete independent assignments on grammar, copyediting, ethics, basic journalism style, photojournalism and the history of the print media.

Media Production

This course is designed to develop basic entry-level skills required for careers in the communications industry.

Digital Design 1

This course is designed to develop basic entry-level skills required for careers in the digital publishing industry.The content includes computer skills; digital publishing concepts and operations; layout, design, and measurement activities; decision-making activities; and digital imaging.


This course is designed to introduce students to basic photojournalism techniques, including camera operation, lighting, composition, photo manipulation, and storytelling for print and online publications. Through this course, the students will become familiar with Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) and as well as cameras on mobile devices and learn how to create authentic journalistic documents. An emphasis will be placed on using the camera as a reporting tool and will cover industry expectations for professional photojournalists.

Arts, A/V and Communication Directed Study This course provides students with learning opportunities in a prescribed program of study within the Arts, A/V Technology and Communication cluster that will enhance opportunities for employment in the career field chosen by the student. The content is prescribed by the instructor based upon the individual student’s assessed needs for directed study. This course may be taken only by a student who has completed a job preparatory program in the Arts, A/V Technology and Communication career cluster.

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