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This program offers three courses that provide the technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for a future career in firefighting. Students develop work attitudes, general employment skills, technical skills, occupation-specific skills, and expand their knowledge in firefighting and related public safety careers.


Principles to Public Service This course is designed to familiarize a student with careers is the public service professions.  Emphasis also in money management, employability/entrepreneurship skills, technology, math/communication skills, and basic first aid/CPR as well as awareness of blood borne pathogens.
Firefighting 1 This course introduces students into a career of Fire Science that can lead to a career as a fire fighter.
Firefighting 2 This course is a continuation of the previous course and shares the goal of developing skills for a career as a firefighter.
Firefighting 3 This course is a capstone of the previous courses and continues to develop skills for a career in firefighting.
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Communication Center Release Form

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Pysical Requirement

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Fire Service Release and Waiver

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