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Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

This course is designed to provide students with competencies basic to a cluster of occupations in the foodservice industry and to develop skills, knowledge, and attitude for success and advancement in a specialized occupational proficiency program. Course content includes employability skills, qualifications and career opportunities; introduction to operational procedures; basics of nutrition; characteristics and functions of types of food service establishments; safety, sanitation, security, and storage procedures; identifications, use, care and storage of commercial tools and equipment; cooking terms and vocabulary; standard and metric measurements; food preparation; and rules and regulations governing the food industry.

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Culinary Arts 1

This course covers the history of the food service industry and careers in that industry. Also covered are safety in the workplace; employability skills; leadership/teamwork skills; care and use of commercial culinary equipment; basic food science; basic nutrition; and following recipes in food preparation labs.

Culinary Arts 2

In this course students will learn state mandated guidelines for food service; how to attain food handler training certification; and perform front-of-the-house and back-of-the-house duties. Students will prepare quality food products and present them creatively; demonstrate safe, sanitary work procedures; understand food science principles related to cooking and baking; and utilize nutrition concepts when planning meals/menus.

Culinary Arts 3

This course includes content in the preparation and presentation of the food that has been prepared; preserving the nutritive values of food; following standard recipes for quality control; serving quantity foods; receiving, storing, and issuing foods and supplies; taking inventories, and keeping records; and maintaining clean food preparation and service areas

Culinary Arts 4    

This course provides opportunities for students to apply their acquired knowledge and skills in culinary related scenarios. This feature enables instruction in three key culinary disciplines. Students learn using modern technology and culinary trends.

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