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Athletic Training

Athletic 1

Athletic Training

This course provides students with practical generic skills in health science education. The student will be able to describe services by provided by health occupations career clusters; demonstrate basic health skills, including first aid and CPR; understand responsible consumer decision making regarding health screening and health care management; discuss legal aspects for the health consumer; and identify the use of computers and technology in the health care field.

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Course Course Description
First Aid and Safety/Care and Prevention This course provides a basic overview of the causes and preventions of unintentional injuries, appropriate emergency responses to those injuries and crisis response planning. Safety education should include cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an automatic external defibrillator (AED), first aid for obstructed airway, and injury prevention.
Health Science Anatomy and Physiology This course is part of the secondary Health Core consisting of a study of the human body, both structurally and functionally with emphasis on the pathophysiology and transmission of disease. Medical terminology is an integral part of the course.
Health Science Foundations This course is part of the Secondary Health Core designed to provide the student with an in depth knowledge of the health care system and associated occupations. Emphasis is placed on communication and interpersonal skills, use of technology, ethics and the development of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Students will also learn first aid skills and demonstrate the measurement of vital signs. Students may shadow professionals throughout the course.
Health and Wellness 3 In this course students will perform skills representative of one to three areas of allied health care in the laboratory and clinical settings. Major areas of allied health are defined as physical therapy, radiation, EKG, laboratory and respiratory medicine, and occupational therapy. Other areas of health, medicine, dentistry, or veterinary may be included with instructor provided competencies.
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