Mainland High School Pre Sale Days


Be prepared for a great year in Buccaneer Paradise!

Required: Class Dues/ID Badge                   $10

Off Campus pass for lunch              $10  *plus completed application


To park a vehicle on campus you must provide – Vehicle Insurance, Vehicle Registration, and Driver License: Parking Permit $25 / Senior Only Parking Lot: $35


Participation in sports requires a Pay to Play Fee of $75


  • Athletic Pass $35
  • Lock and Locker $5
  • 2018 Yearbook $70
  • Embroidered Uniform Shirts $16


Forms of Payment:

Online: Credit Cards and Debit Cards accepted. Purchase all of the items online and bring the receipt to the EXPRESS LINE. Webstore link can be found on our website:

In person: Cash, money order, checks and Credit card payments (with a convenience fee)