Guild of Gamers

About Guild of Gamers

The Guild of Gamers is a place where we play all sorts of games like Overwatch, Super smash bros, Dungeons & Dragons, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and other fun games.

Criteria for Membership

The only thing you need to do to join is show up and sign in on a paper.

Meeting dates, times, and location

Wednesdays from 2-4pm in room 1-335


Photo of Mr. Paul Reed
Game & Simulation Instructor CTE Department
Desk Phone: (386) 258-4665 x54343 Teams Phone: (386) 258-4665 x70334

Student representatives

President: Joey  McIlvenna

Vault-keeper: Cassandra Delgado

Officer: Damian Hanstine

Recent Club Activity 2017-2018