How Can I Be Involved?

There are many ways that parents and families can still be actively involved with their high school student. Several committees, including SAC (School Advisory Council), meet throughout the year and volunteers are often needed for field trips or events on campus. SAC meets one night per month for an hour. It is one of the best ways to know what is happening on campus, meet our SGA representatives and a way to see and meet administration in a smaller setting.

Sports, performance and academic clubs also need the support of parents and family to help with meets, events or service projects. Workshops, information meetings and school events that are offered throughout the year are a great way to gather new resources, stay informed and participate in the BUC Pride Culture our students, faculty and staff work so hard to cultivate.

Your Student will actually need you too! They may look bigger and act like they don’t need you, but high school is not like any level they have attended before. There is more to juggle and navigate. They still are looking for your support and guidance and will definitely need your encouragement to “keep going” and to help hold them accountable. Check their grades. Celebrate their successes. Help them learn from their failures. Ask questions – and practice being a good listener. Our goal is the same – we want every student to succeed at their best level and graduate with pride. – Trisha Scheuerman, Parent Liaison