Academy Liaison Leader Application and Information

Academy Liaison Leader Information

Thank you for your interest in taking on a leadership role at Mainland High School!

As a potential Academy Liaison Leader, you are not only taking a vested interest in your own academic experience, but are also applying to serve as a leader to enhance the academic experience of your classmates.   The Academy Liaison Leader Program has the potential to make an extraordinary impact on your academic year(s) here at Mainland High School.

Who are the Academy Liaison Leaders?

Each Academy will have one Senior Leader and one Junior Leader.  There will be a total of 18 Students (9 Seniors & 9 Juniors) who will serve in this capacity for school year 2017-18.  Applications are open for the 9 Junior Leaders.  Upon review, the 9 Junior Leaders will be promoted to Senior Leaders for school year 2018-19.

What is the Role of the Academy Liaison Leader?

The role of the Liaison Leader is to facilitate communication between your specific Academy Division Representatives (Teachers), The Branch Leaders, the Administrative Team of Mainland High School, and the students of the Academy.

Responsibilities & Duties to include, but not limited to:

  • Establish and maintain the Academy’s identity which may include logos, brochure information, polos, career dress, and spirit events
  • Be able to articulate all aspects relative to your particular Academy: Divisions, entrepreneurships, community service, internships, & industry certifications
  • Participate in Branch Meetings
  • Member of the Three Branches Advisory Board
  • Member of SAC
  • Member of the Judicial Branch of SGA
  • Serve as a host/tour guide for school events:
  • High School Showcase
  • Extravaganza
  • In- School Expo
  • 8th Grade Shadowing Program
  • Incoming 9th Grade Registration
  • Club Rush
  • Represent Mainland High School at Community Events when deemed necessary
  • Maintain confidentiality of all private documents and discussions


  • GPA of 2.5 or greater
  • No excessive absenteeism or tardiness
  • No discipline referrals
  • Exceptional writing and presentation skills are required !!