WARNING! Watch out for Students.


  •   Do not text while you are  walking.  It will distract you from being aware of your surroundings.
  •   When listening to music, take one ear  bud out so you can hear approaching vehicles.
  • Observe all traffic signals and/or the  crossing guard – never cross the street against a light, even if you don’t see  any traffic coming.
  • Walk your bicycle through  intersections.
  • Walk  with a buddy.
  • Walk on sidewalks, where available.
  • Wear reflective material . . . it  makes you more visible to street traffic.
  • When riding a bicycle make sure you  wear a helmet.
  • Bike riders should ride on the right,  in the same direction as traffic, using appropriate hand signals.
  • Bike riders should respect traffic lights  and stop sign.


  • Wait in a safe place for your bus,  away from traffic and the street.
  • Stay away from the bus until it comes  to a complete stop and the operator signals you to enter.
  • Be aware of the street traffic around  you.
  • Drivers of regular motor vehicles are  required to follow certain rules of the road concerning school buses, however,  not all do.  Protect yourself  and  watch out!
  • Remind students of the safety rules  regarding waiting at bus stops.
  • Remind all students boarding buses  prior to daylight to wear light colored clothing.
  • Remind students to stand ten (10) feet  off the roadway.
  • Remind students to utilize lighted  areas if applicable.