Join the SAC

Mainland High School is seeking new student, parent, community, teacher, and staff candidates to serve on the school’s School Advisory Council for the upcoming 2017-18 school year. Committee membership is a 1-2 year commitment, and responsibilities include:

    • Active participation in the school improvement process and attend all SAC meetings
    • Developing/Reviewing the school’s mission statement
    • Using Florida’s education goals and the district’s goals as guiding principles
    • Examining all aspects of the school when developing the School Improvement Plan (SIP)
    • Prioritizing the needs of the school
    • Developing strategies for improving the areas of need
    • Developing a plan for measuring the results of the SIP
    • Assisting in the preparation and evaluation of the SIP
    • Assisting in the preparation of the school’s annual budget
    • Deciding how to spend the SAC funds to meet the SIP goals
    • Assisting in recruiting and retaining other SAC members

For more information please contact:

Photo of Mr. BJ (Robert) Voges
Assistant Principal Administration
(386) 258-4665 x54208
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