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Goal of fundraising

Our goal is to raise $2000 as a team, which is the yearly cost to operate.

Why are donations necessary?

Costs for high school athletics are increasing at the same time as school funding is diminishing. We are trying to build a path to financial independence, especially in this unnerving time of Covid. Your support is vital to the success of our program.

How are my donations used?

  • $20 will provide a T-shirt
  • $30 will provide headgear
  • $50 will provide wrestling shoes
  • $65 will provide a singlet
  • $150 will provide transportation to a competition
  • $350 will provide registration fees for a competition

If your business is interested in sponsoring the team, please email me at for details.

Previous years donor list

Olympic Team – $1000 and up
World Team – $250-$999
  • Janiece Brokaw
  • Sergei Markov
  • Kim Short
  • Gerald Pagano
  • McKinnon Law Office
  • Doug Dittmer Sr
  • Henry Wood
NCAA Champions – $100-$249
BB & E BatemanJoe SilvestroKaren Lassiter
Sarah DeRicoKevin LawrenceJason Schwab
Karen LassiterAndrew BrownTom Schwab
Joshua WagnerTyley AlleyCecelia Short Lockler
Diane SykesAmiyr JacksonMatt Rader
Jigish PatelEric KellogTerry Schwab
Darryl SingletonAlley FamilyJamie Hubbard
Crystal IrizarryAudrey BolesDavid Tompkins
Will Schany
State Champion – $50-$99
Michael BearBarbara JonesMullins Family
Terry BrosemerFrances Short Kelly Schwab
Wes JohnsonAdam  WoodsJamie Hubbard
Carol MusselmanMathew MccrayyJessica Smith
Tina FarbolinBrittany PeakeMichelle Serrano
Kelly FranckDr. Ezra MargolinMike Feblowitz
Travis FordMaddie Register