Vollyball 2018 Schedule:

Date Day Time From Level Location Opponent/Title  
8/15/2018 Wednesday 8:00am Varsity Away Seabreeze  
8/21/2018 Tuesday 05:00PM JV Home Pine Ridge  
8/21/2018 Tuesday 06:00PM Varsity Home Pine Ridge  
8/22/2018 Wednesday 05:30PM JV Away DeLand  
8/22/2018 Wednesday 06:30PM Varsity Away DeLand  
8/28/2018 Tuesday 05:00PM JV Away New Smyrna Beach  
8/28/2018 Tuesday 06:00PM Varsity Away New Smyrna Beach  
8/29/2018 Wednesday 05:00PM JV Away Father Lopez  
8/29/2018 Wednesday 06:00PM Varsity Away Father Lopez  
8/30/2018 Thursday 05:00PM JV Home Deltona  
8/30/2018 Thursday 06:00PM Varsity Home Deltona  
9/4/2018 Tuesday 05:00PM JV Away Atlantic (Port Orange)  
9/4/2018 Tuesday 06:00PM Varsity Away Atlantic (Port Orange)  
9/5/2018 Wednesday 05:00PM JV Home Taylor  
9/5/2018 Wednesday 06:00PM Varsity Home Taylor  
9/12/2018 Wednesday 05:30PM JV Home Matanzas  
9/12/2018 Wednesday 06:30PM Varsity Home Matanzas  
9/13/2018 Thursday 05:00PM JV Away Pine Ridge  
9/13/2018 Thursday 06:00PM Varsity Away Pine Ridge  
9/15/2018 Saturday TBA JV Home JV Tournament  
9/18/2018 Tuesday 05:00PM JV Home Father Lopez  
9/18/2018 Tuesday 06:00PM Varsity Home Father Lopez  
9/20/2018 Thursday 05:00PM JV Home New Smyrna Beach  
9/20/2018 Thursday 06:00PM Varsity Home New Smyrna Beach  
9/25/2018 Tuesday 05:00PM JV Away Deltona  
9/25/2018 Tuesday 06:00PM Varsity Away Deltona  
9/26/2018 Wednesday 05:30PM JV Away Matanzas  
9/26/2018 Wednesday 06:30PM Varsity Away Matanzas  
9/27/2018 Thursday 05:00PM JV Home Atlantic (Port Orange)  
9/27/2018 Thursday 06:00PM Varsity Home Atlantic (Port Orange)  
10/2/2018 Tuesday 05:00PM JV Home Seabreeze  
10/2/2018 Tuesday 06:00PM Varsity Home Seabreeze  
10/4/2018 Thursday 05:30PM JV Away Sandalwood  
10/4/2018 Thursday 06:30PM Varsity Away Sandalwood  
10/6/2018 Saturday TBA Varsity Home Dig Pink Tournament  
10/9/2018 Tuesday 05:00PM JV Away Warner Christian  
10/9/2018 Tuesday 06:00PM Varsity Away Warner Christian  
10/11/2018 Thursday 05:00PM JV Home University (Orange City)  
10/11/2018 Thursday 06:00PM Varsity Home University (Orange City)  


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