Advanced Placement Testing

Advanced Placement Testing will be held May 1-May 12th.   AP® Students please come prepared and be on time to your testing room.  Testing rooms will be announced by AP® teachers prior to exams.  In January, all AP® students were issued a blue colored booklet entitled “Bulletin for AP® Students and Parents 2016-2017” which contains helpful information regarding preparing for exam days.  You can also find this information at   Any questions about your exams, please see your AP® Teacher!

Week 1

Monday May 1st – 7:30am Chemistry and Environmental Science

                                  11:30am Psychology

Tuesday May 2nd – 7:30am Spanish Language and Culture

                                11:30am Art History and Physics 1: Algebra-Based

Wednesday May 3rd – 7:30am English Literature and Composition

                                11:30am  Physics 2: Algebra-Based

Thursday May 4th – 7:30am US Government and Politics

Friday May 5th – 7:30am US History

                                11:30am Computer Science Principles


Week 2

Monday May 8th – 7:30am Biology and Music Theory

                                11:30am Physics C: Mechanics

Tuesday May 9th – 7:30 am Calculus AB and Calculus BC

Wednesday May 10 – 7:30am English Language and Composition

                                11:30am Macroeconomics

Thursday May 11 – 7:30 am World History

                                11:30am Statistics

Friday May 12 – 7:30am Human Geography and Microeconomics

                                11:30am European History