Academy of Simulation and Robotics

The Academy of Simulation and Robotics offers an advanced science and math curriculum targeting students who are interested in fields that utilize game simulation, and robotics. Students are exposed to field experiences with visits to Otronicon, Bob’s Space Rangers, and Raydon.

The freshmen course load typically consists of Honors level courses and Game Design and Simulation Foundations or Robotics Foundations. In grades 10-12 students choose a specific path of study to concentrate on either Game and Simulation Visual Design, Game and Simulation  Programming, or Robotics Engineering, as they continue to integrate math and science as well as computer programming.

Students in the robotics track compete annually in the robotics Botball and SeaPerch competitions. Class and local competitions allow students to express their design and creavitiy skills.

The Game and Simulation program exposes students to a variety of game programming engines, including Adobe Flash, Microsoft XNA. The animation track exposes students to the use  of  graphic design using Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Blender, and Autodesk 3DS Max.

Business partners provide information and experiences such as field studies, job shadowing opportunities, speakers, mentors and on-the-job training all of which give ASR students first-hand exposure to related careers.

Mrs. Gayanne Clifford
Co-Academy Director
(386) 258-4665 x54340

Tim Rades
Co-Academy Director

Mrs. Darlette Winck-Hall
Student Services for ACMT
(386) 258-4665 x54313

Buccaneer Extravaganza!

Janurary 7, 2016 6p-8p
Experience the Tradition of Excellence

Return on Investment for Industry Certifications

This is to inform you of the Return on Investment for your student, who has the potential to earn an Industry Certification. The opportunity to earn Industry Certification is a voluntary process, offered free of charge by the Volusia County School District. Students are assessed by an independent, third-party certifying entity using predetermined standards for knowledge, skills and competencies. The result is the award of a time-limited credential that is nationally recognized and applicable to an occupation.

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