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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Program is the police academy separated into a four-year schedule. Students are taught law enforcement techniques, necessary skills, and appropriate related written reports throughout their enrollment in the program. A brief description of each year is described below:

Course ProgressionCourse Description
Criminal Justice IFirst year students are introduced to the fields of law enforcement, court systems and processes, and correctional systems and procedures. The content includes personal, interpersonal, and communication skills. Students will learn and demonstrates employability skills.
Criminal Justice IISecond year students focus on the characteristics and procedures of uniform patrol. Written reports, arrest affidavits, patrol vehicle inspections, crime prevention programs, traffic direction, radio procedures, first aid techniques, CPR, traffic control officer, and parking enforcement specialist careers are learned and demonstrated throughout the year.
Criminal Justice IIIThird year students focus on crime scene safety, processing and evidence procedures. Mock crime scenes will be investigated including all proper photographing, forensic processing, and proper written forms. Preparing photo line-ups, search methods, fingerprint analysis and rolling, hair, fiber, DNA, and broken glass examination techniques are learned and demonstrated. Students learn different computer programs important to investigations and apply job related mathematical skills.
Criminal Justice IVFourth year students learn traffic crash investigation techniques at an advanced level. Students learn how to identify if a crash occurred, the separate phases of a crash, preserving, collecting, and documenting crash scene evidence, and how to obtain proper statements from witnesses and involved parties. Students learn and identify the causes of a crash, proper completion of crash reports, estimating vehicular damage, vehicle parts, and a complete crash scene diagrams utilizing a traffic diagram template. Courtroom demeanor, preparation, testimony, and legal terms are taught and demonstrated.

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