Career and Technical Education

ATHLETIC TRAINING/MEDICAL SKILLS: This course provides students with practical generic skills in health science education. The student will be able to describe services by provided by health occupations career clusters; demonstrate basic health skills, including first aid and CPR; understand responsible consumer decision making regarding health screening and health care management; discuss legal aspects for the health consumer; and identify the use of computers and technology in the health care field.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE: This course is designed to introduce students to the fields of law enforcement, the court system, and the correctional system. The content includes career opportunities in these fields, court system, correctional system, interpersonal and communication skills, and employability skills.

CULINARY ARTS: This course is designed to provide students with competencies basic to a cluster of occupations in the foodservice industry and to develop skills, knowledge, and attitude for success and advancement in a specialized occupational proficiency program. Course content includes employability skills, qualifications and career opportunities; introduction to operational procedures; basics of nutrition; characteristics and functions of types of food service establishments; safety, sanitation, security, and storage procedures; identifications, use, care and storage of commercial tools and equipment; cooking terms and vocabulary; standard and metric measurements; food preparation; and rules and regulations governing the food industry.

CYBERSECURITY: This course introduces students to Cybersecurity and provides them with essential computer and networking knowledge and skills, particularly those related to Cybersecurity.

DIGITAL MEDIA/MULTIMEDIA FOUNDATIONS:This course provides competencies in presentation production issues, basic computer knowledge, illustration software, digital still photography, and photo editing software.

DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTION: This course provides students with an introduction to the digital video production process; content includes safe work practices, planning a production set, designing lighting plans, camera operation, and audio/ video recording, mixing, and editing.

ENGINEERING: This course teaches problem-solving skills using a design development process. Models of product solutions are created, analyzed, and communicated using solid modeling computer design software.

FIREFIGHTING: This course is to provide an introduction to a career of Fire Science that can lead to employment, after further instruction, to a career as a fire fighter or other disciplines in the Fire Science realm.

GAME AND SIMULATION: This course is designed to introduce game and simulation concepts and careers; the impact game and simulation has on society and industry; and basic game/simulation design concepts, such as rule design, play mechanics, and media integration. This course compares and contrasts games and simulations, key development methodologies and tools, careers, and industry-related information. This course also covers strategies, processes, and methods for conceptualizing a game or simulation application, storyboarding techniques, and development tools. Hands-on activities using an entry-level game development tool will result in the creation of a playable game.

HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM: This course introduces students to the skills necessary for success in the hospitality and tourism industry.Students will also have the opportunity to learn hospitality and tourism terminology and the mathematical, economic, marketing, and sales fundamentals of the industry.

JOURNALISM/YEARBOOK: This course provides students with the opportunity to work as staff writers to produce monthly and annual publications such as newsletters and Yearbooks. Students develop critical thinking skills and knowledge of ethical precepts when shaping stories with controversial content. 

PROGRAMMING: This course introduces concepts, techniques, and processes associated with computer programming and software development.

ROBOTICS: This course provides students with a foundation in content and skills associated with robotics and automation, including; artificial intelligence, electronics, physics, and principles of engineering.

SPORTS, RECREATION AND ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING: This course is designed to develop the competencies essential to sport, recreation, and entertainment marketing.These competencies include employability, human relations, communication, math, and economic skills. The fundamentals of sport, recreation, and entertainment marketing and selling are also included.

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