About Mainland


Mainland academies prepare students with real-world, rigorous coursework to positively impact our community.

About Mainland

Mainland High School is home of the mighty Buccaneers!! Our high school is a place that has been accredited as an institution of excellence for over 100 years; a place that embraces tradition, exudes pride, and inspires those who pass through her doors to explore, experience, and ultimately become empowered to excellence. 

Mainland High School is proud of the wall-to-wall academies created to prepare each Buccaneer for any postsecondary pathway. 

Our academies serve the diverse interests, not only of our students, but of our business and community partners as well. Represented within each of the academies are programs that focus on specific areas of study and provide the opportunity for all students to earn industry certifications, academic scholarships, and a foundation for life-long learning.